When words are not enough, I write …

I appear to have followers and people have liked a number of my poems. Thank-you :). When I am more awake I will give myself time to read your blogs. Hopefully within the next days. I thought I would welcome you and mention a few things about what I write. I have a strange habit of trying to word what seems ultimately impossible to put into words. This may be a breath-taking view, a sensation of love or water on skin, the loss of connection or rationality, the energy channeled through yoga, the song of a bee. I feel the bee sings OM, or perhaps ShalOM. It is a vibration beyond human language and at the foundations of life as the bee and other pollinators are. I am fascinated by this and by the flight of a bee which science says should be impossible. I also process my own thoughts on complex issues through verse. I have studied and worked in, for example, areas of conflict resolution, have interests in science, faith, travel, folklore etc. While I work things out in my head words often hit the page. I have not been great at keeping them safe and have lost many, including recently with the death of a laptop and loss of pen-drive. So, I share now. I repeat as I have said before that any quotes or use of my poems must give me credit for being the first the pattern the words into current form. (in English, put my name in there somewhere folks please, its my work).

If you frequent this blog you will become familiar with some of my eccentricities and fascinations. Another is ancient languages whose letters, tonalities appear of richer hue. Particularly I use some Hebrew but Irish, Arabic are among other languages that wrap me up in their sounds. This is because of both the beauty of the ancient tongue and the fact that each word, each letter contains so much meaning that the law / lore written in it has so many layers and interpretations open to each eye / heart / mind / soul / psyche (however you read it). I love that in kabbalistic tradition the Hebrew letters, each understood as a vibration or colour in the full spectrum of creation, are described as feminine while the word itself is described as masculine. There is harmony in that and a sense of equality and of romance at the deep roots or music of words.  I am interested in new or renewed reflections on thoughts and stories carried down through generations. I am interested in stories of peace. I am also interested in the musicality of the voice and how language relates. I am not an expert, I am an interested person sharing ideas. No eyes see exactly the same, no one thinks all the same thoughts and for me poetry as any art-form is expression and communication but never propaganda. It is only witnessing and reflection.

Anyway, enjoy!