Lion’s Teeth

I, as strength’s image pick Lion’s teeth

ever-living, deep rooted, vital, feared,

persistent through many adversity –

feathered heads that seed the wind

with play that welcomes in our cubs

seeing you in puffball, promising sun

to cast a spell of new beginnings

dancing time in wind blown mane,

You bite into earth, rock and foundation

devour any manicured perfection

To purify our waters with the sun;

With jaws that draw clean blood

through bitter veins and remove

the many warts of wasted time;

your teeth, time-teller, cut deep

and to brighten purified heart

we taste your teeth in honey or wine

and watch roared whispers on

the restless air of fortune’s tale

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

(dandelion flower is also called ‘lion’s teeth’)