Deeper (tanka #writephoto)

pelt in the dark stream,
its chiming distance muting
nadirs and zeniths,
I choose the bright apices
by gravities’ granite lip.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

Pi; a tanka

submerged origins

stretch this jazz of blues to gust

bright brine-washed being;

I see clouds and wings trace Pi

sweeping up a cyclone’s tail.

Once in Tranquil Calm (#writephoto)

Where I was once in tranquil calm

Amid the greens, where waters flow

In long-lost summers’ timeless balm,

In soft repose, so long ago …

One Haiku of Sky & Water

  gateways of water no human knows their locks; lochs, clouds, creviced realms.   Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

The Book of Living

Andorra, gateway to hidden paths, Antonia Zenkevitch 2008 The Book of Living Inky shadows painted on light so we can see, From close to opening, a world as we perceive – Become ourselves for the Becoming to be, Core reacquainted on the rock to which we cleave Returning to renew; to be at-one and still…

Audrey – For Helen McNulty

          Audrey – For Helen McNulty You should have played Moon River – Audrey Hepburn that you are, Music bending air, time aquiver, Beauty born under a poet’s star –   Warmth, grace, edge Humour, fluid sound, Dancing on the ledge Lives in lost and found,   “You’re her” you say…

Kon el Nombre

Con el nombre del Dio, con gracia de Dio de muestros padres Avraam, Issac y Jacob, Moshe, Aaron, David, Salomon y Elijah; el Dia de muestras madres, Tehom, Hava, Sarah, Rachel, Zilah, Leah, Devorah, Asnat, Ester, Yocheved, Miriam. Esto es melezina de muestras madres, las buenas mujeres, las madres di mi madre, las mujeres del…