Stories of Objects that Sustain

My grandma’s handbag

carries memories

as well as coins and keys;

not just another thing to grab

but the next lines of a story….

in this circus home

forests of recollections

whisper new seeds.

The Scent of a Story

I’ve always found one of the best environments for telling stories is around a campfire. For me it is more than the images in the flickering flame; it’s the smell of woodsmoke and that hiss of resistance before the crackle as the fire leaps. Above us is the sight of stars, around us is the…

The Good Dalek; human or robot?

There are parallel possibilities. Either, despite inspiration from all of space and time, we are seeing recycled Doctor Who stories and relationships, or it is a purposeful weaving of themes that will bear fruit in good ‘timey-wimey’. Another option is that, even if it is recycled, lazy or forgetful writing, the fan base will weave…

Rainbow Warriors and the Tardis

I enjoyed the first episode‚Äôs introduction to the dark, humorous, twisty twelfth Doctor. Beyond the story well told with satisfactory quips and quirks, relationships and potential story arcs were set up. I look forward to watching these develop and even more to exploring my inner geek in predicting them. I found the second of this…