Songs of Poppies Revisited

This Remembrance Sunday I am attaching links to two past posts of mine. On this day I recall all those who died or were injured in body or mind in wars they had no part in starting. I honour those who stood and fell against the forces of fascism from whatever country they hailed from. …

Ghosts Rising

Ghosts are rising this Halloween;

Unrestful wraiths mourn us,

The veil is getting thin between

These whiles and the bygone,

Souls speak on the squall,

Hearts become funeral drums;

Ghosts are rising this Halloween,

The fallen of past conflicts warn

Of further turbulence to come,

A Song of Poppies (in hope of more peace)

Bend swords into ploughshares, flutes, trumpets, drums and violins As one exhales their last, still another greatest symphony begins, And this is our triumph; when words fail us, the sound of horn Quavers upon wind, words of peace as seeds of poppies spawn; I will wear both red and white in remembrance and anticipation Of…