Hope, Recycled

        a revolution in growing, cooking, packing a packet of crisps, who’d think it; a salty snack could save the world in small ways; solutions from re-thinking how crisps were packaged, no plastic, each compostable packet eco, logical, inside, taste, all natural, renewable energy supply, well grown ingredients from one locality blended…

I am

I am free form, my cells don’t properly connect, according to the norm, as if I’ve stretched to welcome ocean but with it comes the blue as if particles of broken lives get beneath my paper skin, abrasive, gritty, at times bruising walking on pebbles   and yet, this is coloured in with collective dreams…

Yes And

Elementary ever,

Yes, but

Ocean ends,

Yes but

Shore ends,

“Yes but” loops,

Shells turn to sand


Shelled life seeks sand

And that song;

“All things from shells”

As another Darwin said.

Bitter and Sweet

Bitter and sweet,

Zest, pith and pip,

The sun on my back,

The tang on my lips,

In wide blue horizons

I silently slip,

In old cobbled streets

Where kind strangers live,…

The Rhythm  

  The ocean murmurs to the beach and all the grains of sand of each tide’s potent transience, listen; silt and shingle understand time tumbling through liquid hands, shipping news, travel plans, lost civilizations and then that next great, ingulfing wave expands beyond where you think it should, globes in grains, mumbles in wombs as…

Songs in Strange Lands

Singing in strange lands, pulses shifting,The scent of rain, sap, skin a little different,Our tongues learn new lilting, fresh refrains, How can we sing our songs in these lands?Measures merging; paces, tastes, vibrations,Words echo divergent across mountains,Hollows, oceans, villas, high rise elevations,The reverberations change, some even forgetAnd yet, certain notes and phrases remain Outside and…