Citizen of Nowhere

I’m called ‘citizen of nowhere’

by Theresa May, who asserts

this as the British Prime Minister,

though this is the land of my birth,

In black and white

You may not see our battle scars,

but know this; we are not victims

we are this world’s warriors.

Absent I

Lost focus; Thoughts are flighty friends, Loneliness Born within The absent I escaping All navigation.   Antonia Sara Zenkevitch


I write of lives in indices, Scenes sketched within margins Of halts for breath in sentences, Of freedom in parenthesis In our secret garden,   I write of lives in ink; Hers inscribed in water In quiet apocalypse Others would call order,   I write of lives, Their curve in words At boundary lines To…


What is identity?  As a poet the idea of who I am is fluid; a becoming. I am a poet and political being, creative facilitator and cat cushion. I am between able-bodied and disabled. I am born and live in a mix of cultural heritage.  Faith and science stand for me in partnership. I am…