Stories of Objects that Sustain

My grandma’s handbag

carries memories

as well as coins and keys;

not just another thing to grab

but the next lines of a story….

in this circus home

forests of recollections

whisper new seeds.


The below was written in a stream of conscious, as part of Linda G. Hill’s SoCS prompt. 

The waters are critically high and overseas semi-arid lands become ever-more dry. Critically, promises were broken, made and then broken, again and again, and again. Critically, the West has outsourced the worst of its pollution and, critically, I know why …


No pets, no children, over-priced, damp, no double glazing, Wrong town,  but a converted mental home looks amazing, If they let in cats, we’d move to that nut-house on the hill, And annoy all the residents, the rich ones, not the ill,     Landlords, many subtle signs question your commitment – Homes without foundation…