still here; still hear

Hello, I say to friends, poets, travelers and unknown warriors,

I have not posted on this site for a long while initially due to being messy-busy then due to being very unwell. I seem to have collected chronic illnesses to add to life-long and new disabilities. I’ve recently written an article in a local newspaper called Left Lion about these experiences, so instead of boring you here, I’ll let you decide if you’d like to know more by clicking the link.

For a while, I could not write or talk much, which let me tell you, refocuses you somewhat when you can. I’ve been slowly compiling my work into books. Between computer and brain crashes and bouts of bardic outbursts, this is taking time. I’m also trying my hand at fan fiction, which began as an exercise to flex my literary muscles while escaping the adult world, yet seems to be evolving. I will shortly be posting a link…