Real Fantasy

(post formally called ‘the magic touch’) I love magical realism, the unexplained sitting side by side with routine, reasoned reality.  Perhaps I love it because in truth reality rarely appears very reasonable. My fascination may in part be because that taste of magic fulfills in me a yearning for everyday enchantment, but not too much…


Divine is both verb and abstract noun, like love, value, dream, time;

Doubt is both verb and abstract noun, like lie, fashion, endeavour,

Disregard, envy, thrill or calm, delight, pleasure, trust and hope…  

Candles & Questions

One of two poems:

we lit candles after

their names and tales on our ears

flames flickering, like souls.

Songs in Strange Lands

Singing in strange lands, pulses shifting,The scent of rain, sap, skin a little different,Our tongues learn new lilting, fresh refrains, How can we sing our songs in these lands?Measures merging; paces, tastes, vibrations,Words echo divergent across mountains,Hollows, oceans, villas, high rise elevations,The reverberations change, some even forgetAnd yet, certain notes and phrases remain Outside and…


What is identity?  As a poet the idea of who I am is fluid; a becoming. I am a poet and political being, creative facilitator and cat cushion. I am between able-bodied and disabled. I am born and live in a mix of cultural heritage.  Faith and science stand for me in partnership. I am…